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The Art for Health 2018 competition aims to showcase art that raises awareness about the UAE’s major health issues around Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Diseases. Our mission is to engage with the country’s youth, spark ideas, and get conversations going about leading a healthier lifestyle.

Sharing knowledge is vital and art can inspire. We invite young artists to become creative thinkers in making the UAE a healthier nation, by unlocking and supporting their artistic potential. We aim to influence positive change.

The Initiative

The Art for Health competition is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and supports the UAE’s Vision 2021. The national agenda for Vision 2021 aims to implement a first-class health care system aligned with the highest international standards. The priority is to encourage residents to become proactive about reducing the rate of lifestyle diseases. The goal is to enable the country’s residents to achieve a healthy and long life with access to exceptional health care.

For this year’s competition, contestants will have to use their creativity and through art address the health challenges outlined below:

  • Reducing obesity rates among children and adolescents between 5-17 years
  • Reducing mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases
  • Reducing the incidence of diabetes

For the rules entering this contest, please take a look at our Rules section.

Enter the competition with a positive contribution that leads to making health a national priority. Good luck to all the contestants!